chicken on horse

Meet Our Horses 
(and occasionally other animals)

Adoptable Animals: Looking for a Forever Home

The horses and other animals here are currently in our foster care program, awaiting adoption. Click on any of the animals shown below to learn a little more about them.

Animals in Rehabilitation or Assessment in Foster Homes

These horses and other animals are currently in SAIN foster homes in rehabilitation or assessment until we believe they are ready for their forever homes. Follow their journeys here! 

Horses in Long-term Foster Care

Some of the horses that come into our care aren't ever going to be healthy enough to be adoptable, usually as a result of their age plus degenerative health conditions. These deserving animals live out their lives in our long-term foster care program, so we can ensure they get the specialized care and love they need .


Adopted: SAIN Alumni Animals

It's always a celebration when we can match a deserving animal with a loving forever home. 

In Memoriam

Sometimes horses come to us that, despite our best efforts, we are unable to rehabilitate, physically, emotionally, and sometimes both. Or sometimes we lose them suddenly. While the decision to euthanize is never easy, we take comfort in the fact that we were able to give each of these horses a period of time where they were well fed, cared for, and loved. We are so very grateful to the foster homes who made that possible.
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