Frigg (formerly Spidey)

Frigg is one of two Swiss Shepherds (along with Thor) who come to our rescue from the recent puppy mill seizure of more than 100 dogs here in Skagit County. Thor and Frigg are males. They are thought to be between 1 and 2 years old. These beautiful dogs were in the worst of that terrible situation of cruelty and neglect, kept essentially in solitary confinement: an outbuilding with no windows, air conditioning or ventilation without proper food and certainly without even meager socialization or love. The woman responsible has been charged with felony animal cruelty in the first degree.

Frigg and Thor have been receiving diligent care and rehabbing slowly, carefully re-entering a better world. But they are scared and it's slow going. So SAIN is stepping in on the heels of the work done by the Humane Society of Skagit Valley. We are providing safe, patient, loving foster homes and all the food and veterinary care these dogs need while they learn to trust humans first, and then move on to the other things dogs need to be good companions, like training. Since they have been getting proper nutrition, they have started to put on weight and were both recently neutered.

Watch the video below...It makes us tear up every dang time. When he first came to rescue, he was essentially feral and wouldn't come near humans at all. To see this much progress, where he will take a treat from the hand of his foster mom while she is in his That's remarkable progress. We have a lot of hope for Frigg!

We will support Frigg and Thor for as long as it takes. We anticipate that these dogs will be in rehabilitation for quite some time.

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