Rescue, Rehabilitation, & Rehoming

We rescue, rehabilitate and eventually rehome large animals and livestock seized in neglect and cruelty cases, or released to animal control or law enforcement. Take a walk through Annie the Appaloosa's journey from Rescue to Rehoming below.

The Horse Rescue Journey


Once a rescue horse comes to SAIN, we contact our network of vetted, qualified foster homes (all volunteer) to find a safe place. Then we arrange for a medical and behavioral assessment of the animal. 


SAIN funds the costs of the hay, grain, supplements, medical and farrier care, rehabilitation (medical and behavioral), and training. Foster homes provide the safe space, TLC, and emotional support needed to keep the animal on its road to recovery. 
Learn About Becoming a Foster Home


Once the rescue horse is at a healthy weight and up to date on all medical and farrier care, the animal is made available for adoption, for a small fee. SAIN animals are posted on our website, on social media, on home for every horse, and Depending on condition, some animals may be moved into our Long-Term Rehabilitation program. (note: Annie has found her forever home; the image at left is from our work to find the right home for her.)
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We work hard to ensure a strong match between rescue horse and forever home. We'll have a thorough conversation with you to ensure a strong match and also require a reference check, site check, and a no-breeding contract. 
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