You can read Freya's story below. This one was devastating to us, but not entirely unexpected. After 3 years of neglect, Freya's hooves had grown into elf shoes. Radiographs showed us that this neglect had completely remodeled her coffin bones. She was in quite a bit of pain and there was no chance we could rehab her feet. Despite the pain she was in, she had such a delightful personality. It's a tragedy that she lost the opportunity for a full life because of the neglect she suffered. We hope you're running pain-free now, Freya.

Freya arrived on June 11, 2023 became an instant fan favorite! She is a tri-colored pinto mare who had very long, overgrown hooves (elf shoes) as a result of receiving no vet or farrier care for at least the three years she was with her previous owner. Her mane and tail were severely matted. We also know that white bread was a key factor in her diet. She just had her first vet appointment and we think she's likely in her late teens to maybe 20. Her cloudy eye is due to an old untreated injury.

Our farrier made significant progress on her feet in her first visit, but we'll be getting x-rays to do a deeper evaluation and help guide on-going foot rehab work. We're also running bloodwork to check for anything else we need to address. We expect she'll put weight on properly with a healthy diet of hay.

Now that Freya is in a safe place being well-cared for an loved on, her personality is really emerging! She's very playful and social and looks for every opportunity to connect with people and horses around her. She's a bit of a snack stealer, too -- don't be eating a chip in her vicinity or she's likely to snag it from you. She was a big hit at our Tack Sale and loved having all the stimulation of the people saying hello.

More to come on Freya as she makes her way through her rehab!

UPDATE 7/10/2023: Freya's Bloodwork was good, but she tested positive for Cushings. She was pretty lame after the big trim we mentioned above, so we put some Soft-Ride boots (similar to Cloud boots) on her, which helped. Our farrier checked her again on July 7 and we took the boots off. She is moving better, though still a little sore when turning. She is eating well, gaining weight, and her personality is coming out now that she feels better; she loves attention and was a real star as one of the featured animals at our Tack Sale. She has an appointment coming up to get her teeth done and radiographs of her feet.

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