Patient, calm, and steady as she goes.

Gracie is an 18-year old buckskin Quarter horse mare with four black socks and tips on her ears. She stands at 15 hands and weighs 1300 pounds. Gracie came to us with her stablemate, Forest (a former SAIN horse) whose owner is dealing with a serious ongoing health crisis.

HEALTH: Gracie is up-to-date on all vet care and has had no notable medical issues.

EXPERIENCE & BEHAVIOR: Gracie is described as a calm, slow, patient trail horse who is good with kids and inexperienced riders. She is not a fast horse and dislikes galloping. You might even call this lady a wee bit lazy -- she's solid, but just not going to take you on a thrill ride. She loads into a trailer easily and is easy to catch.

Gracie quickly found a new home and was adopted on 5/8/2022!

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