Betty (on the left in the photo above) was one of our long running foster horses. This golden girl is a 1999 registered Quarter Horse. Her registered name is COME ON LUCK and she stands at 15 hands. Betty was seized by Skagit County Animal Control in September of 2017 along with her pals Einstein, Thor, Frank, and Junior -- all of whom were adopted long before she was.

When she came to us, she was in especially poor shape with overgrown feet, a fractured infected tooth, loose stool, a hoof abscess, thrush, and a body condition score of 1+/9. Because of a previous leg injury which led to chronic lameness, Betty could only be a companion horse/pasture pet.

With love and the right care, Betty regained her wellness (other than her lameness) and she finally found a loving forever home with Amigo, who is also a senior Quarter Horse.

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