Dallas is back with us as of September 2022.

Dallas is an appendix, (Thoroughbred-Quarter Horse cross) mare, approximately 26 years old and stands at 14.3 hands.  When she came to SAIN back in December of 2011, she had a body condition score of 2.5/9, as well as a few old abscesses and a puncture on her hoof. After she regained her health, Dallas was adopted out.

Unfortunately, her adopter is no longer able to care for her so she is back with us. We are told she was last ridden in June and that she was a good trail horse, and is still sound, though they've had difficulty maintaining her weight, of late. We are making arrangements to have Dallas checked out by a vet for full evaluation as soon as possible. Until we know more, she'll remain in Rehab/Assessment.

More to come as soon as we know more!

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