April 8, 2024: Dallas finally found what we know will be her true forever home with Janet!! They spent some time getting to know each other and it's a wonderful match. We're thrilled to death -- even if we'll miss our daily Dallas hugs.

dallas the appendix and janet her adopter

Dallas is an adoptable horse! She came back with us in September 2022. She is an appendix, (Thoroughbred-Quarter Horse cross) mare, approximately 26 years old and stands at 14.3 hands.  When she came to SAIN back in December of 2011, she had a body condition score of 2.5/9, as well as a few old abscesses and a puncture on her hoof. After she regained her health, Dallas was adopted out.

Unfortunately, her adopter was no longer able to care for her so she is back with us. We are told she was last ridden in June 2022 and that she was a good trail horse, and is still sound, though they've had difficulty maintaining her weight, of late. We are making arrangements to have Dallas checked out by a vet for full evaluation as soon as possible. Until we know more, she'll remain in Rehab/Assessment.

December 30, 2022 Dallas is now an adoptable horse! She has gained at least 60 pounds, has her old personality back, has been fully checked out by our vet, had her dental and also a proper pedicure. Just today, she is back under saddle and ready to find her new home! She is doing so great! This golden girl has plenty of giddyup in her. She's a little rusty with her riding manners, likely due to not being ridden in awhile. But she's picking it back up quickly and is well-suited to light trail riding and arena work. But because she needs some guidance as she gets reacquainted with the riding game, she's probably best suited to an experienced rider.

September 13, 2023: Dallas continues to do well in foster care. She has some arthritis -- not unusual for a gal her age but is still good for light riding. In fact, she'll be more mobile if she can find a home where she'll get more light riding. Just like us humans, keeping those joints mobile, well, keeps those joint mobile.

January 2024 Update: Due to her arthritis, Dallas should not be ridden hard, but she is still up for light riding duty, either in the  arena or on easy trails.  She was used as a lesson horse previously, and could be a lead line horse for a young rider.  She loves attention, is easy to handle on the ground, stands nicely for the farrier, and loads and hauls well.  In the herd, she is the QUEEN, so should not be housed with another dominant mare in a small space.

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