Domestic Violence Case Assistance Program

This program provides interim animal care for victims of domestic violence who are trying to make a change in their life. To do this, SAIN arranges temporary foster care or board and care. Because it can be difficult to find temporary housing that will accept a pet, people to choose to stay in a bad situation rather than leave a furry friend behind. We can help by providing a caring and safe place for animals to stay for a short time while their owners get settled.

How it Works



A victim of domestic violence contacts SAIN (through local law enforcement or directly), with a request for interim animal care.  



Unless circumstances make it impossible, we prefer to arrange intake directly with the owner/victim. SAIN will gather as much information as possible and develop a standard agreement with the animal(s)' owner. We do not charge a fee for this service.

If it is not possible to work directly with the owner/victim, SAIN may work directly with the involved law enforcement agency to make arrangements to move the involved animals.  
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