Blackjack was adopted on November 19, 2023, along with his pal Thumper!

They are living with two goats Leo (a SAIN alumnus) and Frank.

Do you feel a draft? 😉 Blackjack is a handsome, lovely senior Shire who came to us as one of a bonded pair. His pal is Thumper the Arab. Blackjack and Thumper found themselves in a situation where circumstances conspired to make it increasingly difficult for their caretaker to provide what they needed.

Blackjack's weight is good and he's generally in good condition, likely about 20 years old. He was in need of some good farrier care and he's been really good for his pedicure appointments. He has some sharp points on his teeth and we're working on getting a dental scheduled for him. Like Blackjack, he has been vaccinated and dewormed. Bloodwork and fecal both came back good.

UPDATE 6/12/2023: Turns out Blackjack has heart condition that he's probably had for quite some time, so our vet felt it would be risky to sedate him for a dental. Otherwise, this majestic mister is doing well in foster well that we'll be limiting his access to grass because he has become, to quote the vet, "rather fluffy." 🙂

UPDATE 8/7/2023: This handsome fella is available for adoption as a companion horse. He's truly a gentle giant! Because he went without hoof care for a long time, we're still working on his toe cracks and that's something that his forever home farrier will need to continue to work with.

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