Red, a Quarter Horse Gelding

Adoption Fee $500.00

April 8, 2024: Red is now available for adoption. Scroll down to read more about the circumstances by which he came to SAIN. He is full of personality and energy, in a really great way. He's got a bit of knee and hock arthritis, but he is pasture sound. He'll make an awesome companion horse, friends.

Red is a Quarter Horse gelding, estimated to be about 22 years old and standing at 16 hands. He recently joined the ranks here at Skagit Animals in Need. He is a gentle, well-mannered fellow. Only slightly underweight when he came to us, he did have some loss of muscling along his topline from lack of work and, as is nearly always the case with horses who come to us, he hadn't seen the farrier in a while.

He came in with some thrush and rain rot -- but nothing too serious and we expect it to resolve with proper care and shelter. He also had conjunctivitis. This Quarter Horse gelding has not had great dental care -- his teeth are super worn, so we'll be supplementing his food with mashes of soaked pellets to help him put on and maintain the right amount of weight. He has since had a proper dental.

He is currently on Equioxx for some lameness. As with all horses new to us, we're keeping a close eye on him in foster care.

adoption application
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