April 5, 2024: Oh, dear Sparrow. In the last few months, his pain levels with his arthritis were increasing at a rapid pace. Every day was getting more difficult for him and his formerly sunny personality was a victim of his chronic pain. We tried a variety of options to see if we could keep him comfortable, but nothing seemed to make a difference for him. Mercifully, he had a peaceful transition over the rainbow bridge after being spoiled with carrots and love by his wonderful foster home. Fly free, sweet Sparrow. 🌈💔🐴😢

Tall, dark, and handsome Sparrow and his pal Hopper recently made the trek to us from Save a Forgotten Equine (SAFE). Both geldings were part of the Graham 27 horse Pierce County Animal Control seizure in November of last year. We have great admiration for SAFE and have been partnering with with in horse rescue when we have capacity.

This sweet, well-mannered, and friendly Thoroughbred gelding is a 22 year old former racehorse. He sure doesn't seem to have let his less than ideal prior life cloud his sunny outlook.

June 12, 2023: He has done really well in his foster home, which is especially heartening given the arthritis in his knees/hocks and stifles. We're treating his arthritis with anti-inflammatories and pain meds.

January 2024: Sparrow seems to be dealing with an increase in pain levels, so we're having him evaluated.

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