Ren is a brown and white pinto horse who we're told is about 11 or 12. He came to us as a seizure from Skagit County Animal Control in really rough shape. We don't know his breed, but at 15 hands, he's very underweight (about 1.5 or 2 out of 9 on the body condition scale). In addition to being so thin, he had lice (treated now) and a noxious discharge coming from one nostril. And another thing...his hooves were overgrown and his frogs were in bad shape from thrush. This poor guy hadn't had proper care in awhile.

Our vet was able to take down the sharp points on his teeth and scope his nasal passages. One was totally clear but there was an infection in the other with some inflamed and necrotic tissue. He's getting course of strong antibiotics to hopefully clear up the infection so we can get a better idea of what's at the root of the problem.

Despite everything he must have been through, he’s really sweet and has some great manners. When the farrier was working on him, he picked up his foot before she even asked, while she was still getting ready. Then he automatically picked up the foot she moved to next, before she asked, with each foot! But he also has some spice to him at times. His foster mom thinks he might be part Arab -- she noticed a little dish to his face, plus, there's the spice.

If you'd like to make a donation to support Ren's extensive medical care, click here.

Update 5/8/2022: Ren’s infection has cleared and healthy tissue has grown in. We were elated to find out there was no sign of anything worse. He continues to gain weight, and though he still has a little way to go, he is looking much better. His feet are coming along, and he is finally not as sore-footed as he had been. His foster home is starting to do some groundwork with him, and we hope to have him assessed for riding once he has gained a little more weight.

UPDATE September 6, 2022: Although his original infection has cleared up, we continue to work on a few other health issues so Ren remains in Rehab/Assessment. He has been experiencing on-going lameness. X-Rays revealed remodeling of his navicular bones to the extent that the vet has recommended he be a companion horse and not ridden.

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