ADOPTED 9/4/2023: We truly think Rose has found the perfect home. We had so many serious applications for Rose even before we had officially re-assessed her that we never even changed her status to Adoptable. We are confident that Rose has found the best possible how home: Kristy was alerted to Rose by the trainer who we had working with Rose back in the early days of Rose and SAIN. It's been wonderful to have Rose back with us ever-so-briefly, to clean her stall while she's all in your business with her cute curiosity, but it's so much better to know she's off to a great new home.

July 21, 2023: We love Rose to pieces -- she's one of our all-time favorite SAIN horses. But this sweet gal has hit some bad luck when it comes to adoptions. You can read her history below. Her first adopter wound up having a serious accident that left her unable to care for Rose. Then her second adopter had another mare who didn't get along with Rose. They tried and tried to work it out, but no luck.

So 8-year old Rose is back with SAIN and we're grateful that she came back to us. As we always do, we're having Rose assessed physically (she's a wee bit on the chunky side) and behaviorally before we list her as adoptable.

Rose's History

Rose was foaled on May 24, 2015 in Washington, but is offspring of horses from the reservation in Windowrock, AZ. She originally came to us when she was released to Skagit County Animal Control on 11/6/2018 along with Othello and had a body condition score of 2/9 and overgrown hooves. She was always a sweet and curious little mare. After regaining a healthy weight in foster care, we put her in training and she proved herself to be calm and confident, with an amazing heart. We were overjoyed when Rose was adopted in early 2020.

However, she came back to us in 2022 after 2 1/2 years. Unfortunately, her adopter had a serious accident which was interfering with her ability to care for Rose properly. We really appreciate her contacting us and letting us take Rose back in so we can find her another wonderful home.

Rose and Therese

Rose out on a trail ride with her foster mom.
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