Rose found her new home with Therese in Winthrop in October 2022. She will get to do plenty of trail riding in the beautiful Methow Valley with her new people. We couldn't be more pleased with this adoption!

Rose's History

Rose was foaled on May 24, 2015 in Washington, but is offspring of horses from the reservation in Windowrock, AZ. She originally came to us when she was released to Skagit County Animal Control on 11/6/2018 along with Othello and had a body condition score of 2/9 and overgrown hooves. She was always a sweet and curious little mare. After regaining a healthy weight in foster care, we put her in training and she proved herself to be calm and confident, with an amazing heart. We were overjoyed when Rose was adopted in early 2020.

However, she came back to us in 2022 after 2 1/2 years. Unfortunately, her adopter had a serious accident which was interfering with her ability to care for Rose properly. We really appreciate her contacting us and letting us take Rose back in so we can find her another wonderful home.

Rose and Therese

Rose out on a trail ride with her foster mom.
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