Thelma & Louise

Thelma and Louise are a sweet bonded pair of Oberhasli goats that were living in a filthy garage, full of broken glass until a kind and caring citizen rescued them. It turned out these goats needed more care than the kind person who took them in could provide -- they clearly hadn't been properly cared for. Louise has a very infected udder which may need to be removed or will cause chronic pain and infection. The infection has also caused her to lose some hair in patches, but it's already begun to heal since we've started treatment. They are receiving excellent foster care from ourĀ friends at New Moon Farm for now, but once they are healthy we will need a permanent home for them!

UPDATE: 5/09/2023 Louise wound up having her mastectomy yesterday and she seems to be doing well. It was a pretty extensive surgery, taking 2 hours, and she needed a pint of blood from a donor goat. She was up and walking around today. Once these two lovelies are all well, we'll be looking for a home for them.

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