Thumper was adopted on November 19, 2023, along with his pal Blackjack!

They are living with two goats Leo (a SAIN alumnus) and Frank.

Can you imagine what this guy has seen in his long life? Thumper is a spunky senior Arab who came to us as one of a bonded pair. His pal is Blackjack. Thumper and Blackjack found themselves in a situation where circumstances conspired to make it increasingly difficult for their caretaker to provide what they needed.

Thumper is a little on the thin side (3/9 on the body condition scale). He also needs a dental and we are working on getting that scheduled. He was little more difficult for the farrier, but he's getting better with it. He has some rain rot, a pretty good bone spavin on his right hind inside hock and only one baby melanoma under his tail. Like Blackjack, he has been vaccinated and dewormed. Bloodwork and
fecal both came back good.

UPDATE 6/12/2023: Thumper had a much-needed dental that took care of a variety of issues that must have been painful for him. We expect he will be much more comfortable eating and will gain weight more easily now with a soft diet given his well-worn teeth.

UPDATE 8/7/2023: Thumper is at a good weight now that his teeth were fixed. This older gentleman is now ready to find a forever home. He's right about 30 years old but has that Arab spark and beauty and will make a good companion horse despite his age.

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