Well, this new resident with us is in foster care while he recovers from his neutering surgery. He was a stray so we don't know everything, he is probably a LaMancha cross, likely less than two years old. We are just beginning to evaluate him so he'll be in foster care until he's ready to be adopted. Leo is very active and likes to butt! Our vet estimates that he will get to approximately 70 lbs.  He is currently a tad underweight (2.5/5 body condition score with 3-3.5/5 being ideal). 

Update 4/7/2022: Leo's butting got him into a bit of a pickle. He got one of his horns caught somewhere and it tore completely off -- poor guy. It was pretty frightening to see, but our unicorn is healing up well. Has he learned a lesson? Too soon to know.

Update 5/8/2022: Leo's broken horn is growing back so he may not be a unicorn forever. But the best news is that he has been adopted by his foster mom!

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