Bo-Peep, the Babydoll Sheep

UPDATE: Bo-Peep has been adopted as of 5/10/2024.

Meet Bo-Peep, the little lost Babydoll sheep. She was found wandering out in the county and we believe she is a Babydoll breed. She is between 40-50 pounds and is sweet as can be. She loves people, especially children, and is friendly toward other animals including dogs.

We need to have her assessed by a veterinarian to see if there's anything we need to address before making her adoptable. We'll keep everyone posted!

More about Babydoll sheep:

Babydoll sheep have adorable, teddy bear-like appearance and friendly disposition. Their gentle nature and manageable size also make them perfect for families with children. These small sheep typically stand between 18 to 24 inches at the shoulder and weigh between 75 to 125 pounds, making them ideal as pets as well as for small farms and hobbyists. Their wool is highly prized and is often compared to cashmere.

Babydoll sheep require basic maintenance similar to other sheep breeds, including annual shearing, regular hoof trimming, and vaccinations. They are hardy animals, resistant to many common sheep ailments and are not prone to wander, which makes managing them relatively straightforward. Fencing is needed more to protect them from predators rather than to keep them in.

Babydoll sheep are also utilitarian, often used in vineyards and orchards where their grazing helps control weeds without damaging the trees. And they are natural lawn trimmers, too. Their manure serves as an excellent organic fertilizer, enhancing soil fertility wherever they roam. Like many animals, Babydoll sheep are sociable creatures and do best with the companionship of their kind or other livestock.

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