Hazel is a Morgan cross mare, approximately 25 years old. She was at a 1/9 on the body condition scale (BCS) when she was initially seized by law enforcement (1 being severely emaciated and 9 being severely obese). She had gained enough weight to reach a 2 on the BCS scale when we first met her. Hazel has had very little handling during a life spent entirely on her previous owner's property. She has had very little handling in her life, had not been seen by a vet or a farrier in a very long time, and had never been hauled anywhere.

We don't know all of the details of Hazel's life be we're sure it wasn't all peaches and cream. She has settled in quite well with us in foster care and is eating well -- which is a good thing because, as you can see from the picutres, we still have some work to do to help her reach a healthy weight AND to help increase her ease with people. It's imperative that she is able to be safely handled before we can consider her adoptable. It's going to be quite a journey for Hazel.

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