Adoption Fee $500.00

Now available for adoption as a companion horse!

Tall, dark, and handsome Hopper and his pal Sparrow recently made the trek to us from Save a Forgotten Equine (SAFE). Both geldings were part of the Graham 27 horse Pierce County Animal Control seizure in November of last year. We have great admiration for SAFE and have been partnering with with them in horse rescue when we have capacity.

Hopper is a Quarter Horse type gelding, approximately 20 years old. And like Sparrow, he doesn't seem to have let his run of bad-owner-luck get him down. He's quite adorable, sweet, and friendly. He is in foster care with one of our long-term fosters, Spud. As sometimes happens in middle age, he has Cushings.

We've had this lovely gentleman in foster care for a few months. He's made good friends with his foster brother, Spud. With his sweet temperament, that's not surprising. He's shed out nicely, especially for a horse with Cushings. And at this point, there's no reason for him not to be adoptable as a companion horse/pasture pet.

adoption application
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