11/17/2022: Lilly is a chestnut Quarter horse type mare with a body condition score of 3 of 9, which means she is thin but not emaciated. She is one of our Golden Girls -- likely 28-32 years old, based on her dentition, though our vet did say she could have prematurely worn teeth. So far, she seems to be a calm, friendly, sweet mare with a very boop-able nose!

Lilly's Transformation

We have been collaborating lately with Save a Forgotten Equine (SAFE) and she came to us through SAFE, where she wound up with her gelding friend Declan when their family's circumstances made it difficult for them to care for the horses. She has been a broodmare in the past, and has not been ridden since she reportedly bucked someone off 13 years ago. SAFE had her evaluated by their vet. Bloodwork was fairly normal, she was dewormed and dusted for lice (precautionary). She will be seen by a farrier shortly. She will have her vaccines and dental float at the end of the month, giving her the opportunity to put on some weight.

We are just getting to know more about Miss Lilly while she's in foster care. We will post more details soon.

January 6, 2023: Lilly is now at a healthy weight and is up-to-date on her vaccinations and dental...and that means she's ready to find her new home. Given her age, Lilly's not going to be a rider, but she's such a sweet girl, she'll make a fantabulous companion horse. And that nose!! You'll be wanting to give that sweet schnozz a pet every time you walk past her. It makes us smile every single time.

May 25, 2023: Lilly was adopted and went on the ferry to live at her new home on Guemes Island!

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