Forest was an 9-year old chestnut Quarter horse mare. As a foal, she was a SAIN horse named Speck who found a wonderful home. She and her stablemate, Gracie, landed back with us because her owner is battling a very serious ongoing health crisis. Gracie was adopted.

She was diagnosed with juvenile hock arthritis back when she was originally with us and she seems to be dealing with related lameness. Unfortunately, her condition was deteriorating very quickly, progressing to the point that she was dragging her back legs. With no treatment options available, we made the decision to humanely euthanize this sweet girl.

Run free, Forest.

Othello was a 7-year old half-Navajo Mustang/half-Arabian. Unlike many of the horses on this page, Othello rehabbed quite successfully and was acing his training. Much to our heartbreak, he was discovered in distress at his foster home early one morning with a twisted intestine and was euthanized. He was deeply loved and each of us who knew him is left with a big hole in the heart. 

Selena was a 20 year old mare that had spent most of her life without being handled, and as a result was unable to be rehabilitated enough for us to provide the basics of care for her.

Kiowa was a 13 year old APHA mare who was diagnosed with cancer and was blind in one eye.

Gladys was a 30+ year old mare  who developed respiratory issues, causing her difficulties when breathing.

Star was a 23 year old mare that had a chronic choke issue as well as ongoing lameness, and her attitude was uninterested, distant, and untrusting. After much discussion and consultation with several veterinarians, we made the decision to peacefully euthanize her.

Hot Shot was a 32 year old mare with joint and spinal arthritis. She had stayed in our program for over five years.

​Daphne was a 20 year old paint mare who had severe hoof problems that kept her from being sound and comfortable.

Dodger was a 17  year old gelding who had re-fractured his coffin bone, causing him to be in chronic pain.

Stevie was a 26 year old Quarter Horse type mare who had severe and unpredictable aggression issues.

Edward was a 27 year old Thoroughbred cross who was diagnosed with Wobblers.

Henry was an older gelding who had medical issues that prevented recovery.

Kenneth was an older Quarter Horse gelding who became unable to rise. 

Dunn was a 15 year old Quarter Horse type mare who suffered from neurological issues.

Splash was a 6 year old Pinto mare who had a terribly deformed leg.

Mazy was a very sweet 15.3 hand, registered and tattooed bay Thoroughbred mare. According to her records, she was born as Sunset Echo, foaled April 8, 1997, and raced once as a 4-year-old at Portland Meadows. ​Before she came to us, she'd been through some difficult stuff. Her body condition score was 3-4/9 when she was released to Skagit County Animal Control in February 2019 with current wounds and scars from old ones.

Mazy had severe muscle atrophy to her left shoulder and upper leg, likely due to nerve damage. It was a progressive condition without the possibility of improvement. She got to the point where her stability was unreliable and we made the difficult decision to euthanize her.

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