These gals are a bonded pair of donkeys who were removed from their home because their former owner was not caring for them properly. You know the Body Condition Scale of 1 to 9 with 1 being emaciated? These two were at a 9. They needed their teeth floated and had some foot issues related to neglect. So we'll be working with them in foster care to get them healthy and sound.

Said to be in their 20s, they are very sweet gals who just need a little time to adjust to new people and surroundings. They did very well for their hoof trims (they were deemed angel donkeys, not demon donkeys, by our farrier), and have enjoyed getting some brushing and love from various people in their foster home. They are also becoming more vocal, which their foster mom finds pretty dang adorable.

Since they are so bonded, we'll be keeping them together in foster care. When they're in adoptable shape, we'll want them to be adopted together, as well.

UPDATE January 22, 2022: Lucy and Ethel have settled in nicely in their foster home. They aren't super happy with their low sugar hay, but it's really important for us to help them get to a healthy weight. It's hard to tell if we're moving the needle yet, but we certainly have a long way to go.

UPDATE June 21, 2022: Lucy and Ethel have made great progress and they're ready to find their forever home! Lucy has always been social but Ethel is coming out of her shell, too. She even enjoyed nice scratches from strangers during our recent Tack Sale event. They are at a healthy weight now but their adopter will still need to monitor their diet -- no turning these two loose on grass! And we did say "these two" because these ladies are bonded; they need to stay together.

UPDATE September 6, 2022: Lucy and Ethel are moving into a foster-to-adopt situation where we will support their care for a period of time. If all goes well, they will be adopted at the conclusion of the foster-to-adopt!

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