Complete and Submit an Animal Assistance Program Application

SAIN's Animal Assistance Program (AAP) is designed to help owners maintain care for their animals in times of need while they work toward a sustainable, long-term solution. SAIN's AAP can provide feed as well as farrier or vet care, as a bridge for those in economic distress. 

For those looking for the Anacortes Animal Relief Fund (AARF), you're in the right place. AARF was merged into SAIN's AAP in May of 2023.

Apply by completing this online application or download at the link below. 

Requirements for eligibility:

1) Private animal ownership (not a rescue, organization, etc.)

2) A safe home or facility exists to maintain the animals (site visit may be required).

3) Documented financial need due to unemployment or financial hardship.

4) Recognition that by submitting this application you understand and authorize the verification of any information you have provided.

5) All information in this application must be filled out and you must provide a valide phone number. 

If you prefer to download this application, click here and follow the instructions for submitting it. 

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