Spud is a 1998 Bashkir Curly gelding that stands at 14.1 hands. Spud was released to Skagit County Animal Control on 4/28/2017 with a 2/9 Body Condition Score, lice, and fungal skin infections. We later discovered that Spud also had a previously fractured pelvis.  Unfortunately, due to the progressive deterioration of his pelvic fracture and associated arthritic, Spud is now in Long-Term Care with his loving foster family and is not available for adoption. 

If you would like to donate to help care for Spud please click here.

Spud's foster home says:  

What can I say about Spud? In short, he is adorable, and full of personality. He is always gentle, never pushy, waits at the gate the minute he hears my car come in the driveway. He follows me around in the pasture poking his nose at what I’m doing, nibbles gently at my hand or nickers when he is hungry. If he doesn’t like the taste of something, like dewormer, he makes the funniest faces for quite a while afterward. He is by far the easiest horse to be around I have ever met- gentle and sweet. 

Spud frolics with his goat friends at his Long-Term Foster Home.
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