ADOPTED 9/4/2023: We truly think Rose has found the perfect home. We had so many serious applications for Rose even before we had officially re-assessed her that we never even changed her status to Adoptable. We are confident that Rose has found the best possible how home: Kristy was alerted to Rose by the trainer who we had working with Rose back in the early days of Rose and SAIN. It's been wonderful to have Rose back with us ever-so-briefly, to clean her stall while she's all in your business with her cute curiosity, but it's so much better to know she's off to a great new home.

July 21, 2023: We love Rose to pieces -- she's one of our all-time favorite SAIN horses. But this sweet gal has hit some bad luck when it comes to adoptions. You can read her history below. Her first adopter wound up having a serious accident that left her unable to care for Rose. Then her second adopter had another mare who didn't get along with Rose. They tried and tried to work it out, but no luck.

So 8-year old Rose is back with SAIN and we're grateful that she came back to us. As we always do, we're having Rose assessed physically (she's a wee bit on the chunky side) and behaviorally before we list her as adoptable.

Rose's History

Rose was foaled on May 24, 2015 in Washington, but is offspring of horses from the reservation in Windowrock, AZ. She originally came to us when she was released to Skagit County Animal Control on 11/6/2018 along with Othello and had a body condition score of 2/9 and overgrown hooves. She was always a sweet and curious little mare. After regaining a healthy weight in foster care, we put her in training and she proved herself to be calm and confident, with an amazing heart. We were overjoyed when Rose was adopted in early 2020.

However, she came back to us in 2022 after 2 1/2 years. Unfortunately, her adopter had a serious accident which was interfering with her ability to care for Rose properly. We really appreciate her contacting us and letting us take Rose back in so we can find her another wonderful home.

Rose and Therese

Rose out on a trail ride with her foster mom.

Thor was with us for just over a year before finding his forever home. He continues to enjoy his loving home where they appreciate his big, goofy nature. Thor is a true SAIN Success Story!

Thor was in rough shape when he came to SAIN in 2017. He is a beautiful black Quarter Horse gelding foaled approximately in 1999, measuring 14.3 hands. He was seized by Skagit County Animal Control in September of 2017 along with Betty, Frank, Einstein, and Junior. Thor had overgrown feet, many bot eggs, thrush, and a body condition score of 3-/9. The previous owner petitioned to attempt to gain custody back, but the courts awarded Thor to Skagit County.

These sows came to SAIN (along with 5 boars and 3 other sows). All of the pigs were all moderately to severely underweight and in need of deworming and veterinary care to address a variety of issues. These gals are currently in good hands in foster care where they are convalescing to regain weight and health.

Peggy is still being super protective mama, but the piglets are definitely growing!

None of these girls is available for adoption yet, but they probably will be soon. If you're interested, you could get started on your application for adoption here.

Update 5/8/2022: Peggy and Peppa have been adopted.

These gals are a bonded pair of donkeys who were removed from their home because their former owner was not caring for them properly. You know the Body Condition Scale of 1 to 9 with 1 being emaciated? These two were at a 9. They needed their teeth floated and had some foot issues related to neglect. So we'll be working with them in foster care to get them healthy and sound.

Said to be in their 20s, they are very sweet gals who just need a little time to adjust to new people and surroundings. They did very well for their hoof trims (they were deemed angel donkeys, not demon donkeys, by our farrier), and have enjoyed getting some brushing and love from various people in their foster home. They are also becoming more vocal, which their foster mom finds pretty dang adorable.

Since they are so bonded, we'll be keeping them together in foster care. When they're in adoptable shape, we'll want them to be adopted together, as well.

UPDATE January 22, 2022: Lucy and Ethel have settled in nicely in their foster home. They aren't super happy with their low sugar hay, but it's really important for us to help them get to a healthy weight. It's hard to tell if we're moving the needle yet, but we certainly have a long way to go.

UPDATE June 21, 2022: Lucy and Ethel have made great progress and they're ready to find their forever home! Lucy has always been social but Ethel is coming out of her shell, too. She even enjoyed nice scratches from strangers during our recent Tack Sale event. They are at a healthy weight now but their adopter will still need to monitor their diet -- no turning these two loose on grass! And we did say "these two" because these ladies are bonded; they need to stay together.

UPDATE September 6, 2022: Lucy and Ethel are moving into a foster-to-adopt situation where we will support their care for a period of time. If all goes well, they will be adopted at the conclusion of the foster-to-adopt!

Cosmo was adopted December 16, 2022 after about a year with us here at SAIN. We're ecstatic that this sweet, lovely horse has found a forever home with Jeanine...just in time for Christmas!

This guy is adorable! Cosmo is a sweet and gentle 16-year-old Quarter horse type gelding. He was emaciated from lack of food, landing at about a 1.5 or 2 on the 1-9 body condition scale. As is the case with many neglected equines, he needed his feet done (which has happened). Once he has more weight on him and can be safely sedated, he'll need his teeth floated.  Poor guy also has rain rot. He has been dewormed and received most of his vaccinations.

Now that he's in a safe and loving place, he just wants to be near his foster people. He is happy to be in a stall with food in front of him. He enjoys getting in a good roll and some nice rubs from his foster family. And he has the best manners! "When it was time to put him away, I didn’t even halter him; he just walked next to me back to his stall and went in as if he’s been here for months, not hours," his foster mom told us. "Then he nickered at me when I brought him his dinner.  He is so sweet."

Cosmo has a long road to wellness in front of him. We'll certainly keep you updated on his progress.

UPDATE January 22, 2022: Cosmo has now been fully vaccinated and he's putting on weight at a reasonable pace. He is now fully vaccinated. Soon, he'll get his teeth floated and he really needs it. We can tell he's a bit uncomfortable.

UPDATE April 8, 2022: We are so excited to say that Cosmo has had his teeth floated and he's at a healthy weight. We're currently assessing him for riding, which means he'll soon be ready to find his forever home! We'll keep you posted!

Update May 8, 2022: Cosmo seems to be having a little lameness that we're in the process of evaluating. We're going to work on figuring that out and addressing it before he's ready for a new home. He's staying in his attentive foster home for now.

UPDATE August 2022: Cosmo is doing better! He is no longer footsore when standing and walking, but still a bit lame at the trot. We are so happy to see the improvement!

UPDATE September 6, 2022: Cosmo is now available for adoption as a companion horse! He has continued to improve and finally no longer looks lame. Had a new farrier out and he dug out the sub-solar abscess Cosmo had had in his right front. This big love of a horse is ready for his new home.

Well, this new resident with us is in foster care while he recovers from his neutering surgery. He was a stray so we don't know everything, he is probably a LaMancha cross, likely less than two years old. We are just beginning to evaluate him so he'll be in foster care until he's ready to be adopted. Leo is very active and likes to butt! Our vet estimates that he will get to approximately 70 lbs.  He is currently a tad underweight (2.5/5 body condition score with 3-3.5/5 being ideal). 

Update 4/7/2022: Leo's butting got him into a bit of a pickle. He got one of his horns caught somewhere and it tore completely off -- poor guy. It was pretty frightening to see, but our unicorn is healing up well. Has he learned a lesson? Too soon to know.

Update 5/8/2022: Leo's broken horn is growing back so he may not be a unicorn forever. But the best news is that he has been adopted by his foster mom!

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